Kam Nasabi, CEO of Kama Enterprises, LLC
"David is a skillful, knowledgeable, and business-savvy Media Attorney. His ability to focus on a client's business needs sets him apart. He actively engages as an extended partner in strategizing, anticipating, and guiding the best course for your emerging business. I would highly recommend him to any company large or small that need his expertise in media and entertainment field."

Mauricio Duran, President at Definity First
"David’s experience in the Technology sector is impressive. He has helped my company negotiate multiple successful deals, including an acquisition that involved companies from two different countries."

In-House Marketing Counsel - Fortune 100 Consumer Beverage Company
Just a quick note to let you know how helpful (and extremely efficient) David Michail has been on our promotional work this year. We just had a call about the 2015 work that the brand team wants to do, and David again had great knowledge and historical background to add. Thanks again for introducing him to me and our Company!

Eric Damier, CEO AllDay
"David Michail is like having a business partner who’s also your attorney, when it comes to strategic business and legal representation he’s the person I want next to me. When I want a practical and effective answer, David is not afraid to sift through bullshit and turn it into gold. Don't make the mistake to think he's some ordinary attorney. As the CEO of my company, I need to surround myself with the best people possible.... I would recommend David to anyone who’s looking for an attorney who can be both strategic in business and legal representation. Hard to find both in one, David has both."

Michael Polier, CEO The Food Exchange
I have been working with Dave Michail for a few months now and I can't imagine doing business without him. Dave is quick, responsive, and extremely knowledgable regarding just about all the issues I am facing with my start up. Dave offers a unique perspective as he is an entrepreneur himself. He knows the ins and outs of start ups and how to create the right business structure from square one. Dave helped us restructure our business and cap table and now we are a much healthier company for it. He has been invaluable during our fundraising rounds not only helping us with contracts but also joining us for high level meetings and negotiations. I can attribute a great deal of the success and efficiency that I am experiencing with my business to working with Dave Michail.

Nicole Dezen, WW Marketing Global Device Partners at Microsoft
"I have tremendous respect for David. His business acumen and keen intuition uniquely qualify him for deal making and negotiating at a very high level. His deep caring for his clients is reflected in all of his work and in his communication. I would gladly work with David and I view him as a trusted partner."

Scott Holmes, CMO at Blue Wave
"David has handled my affairs both professionally and for my companies over the past 10 years. We have also worked together proper to that. he is a true friend, colleague and counsel."

Kevin Richards, President at The Brand Solutions
"Working with David at Rare Medium was very rewarding. David is impressive in his ability to understand the nuances of technology based business. His knowledge in the technology and new media space makes him a valuable contributor to any new venture."

Tamoor Shafi, Founder & CEO Omnia Media, Inc.
David Michail has been instrumental to our success as a young start-up growing into one of the top 5 MCN's in the industry. While other lawyers may be tactically useful by drafting contracts and corporate documents, David's capabilities are leagues beyond that. His approach is strategic. Having helped us out of numerous jams and guided us in making effective decisions since starting the company, we are extremely grateful to have him part of our team. In my opinion, there are two types of attorneys in the marketplace...lawyers and counselors. Lawyers are a dime a dozen, but counselors are a rare find...and we are happy to have struck gold by finding David.

Larry Gerbrandt, Principal at Media Valuation Partners
"David has an extraordinary knowledge of the media & entertainment sector, not only as an attorney and deal-maker but as a keen observer of these industries, with an emphasis on intellectual property protection and emerging media technologies. On top of that he is standup human being whom I am proud to call a friend."

Elliott Balbert, Founder, Former Executive Chairman of Natrol
"David is an excellent attorney with superb people skills along with the ability to deliver "customer" answers to complex issues. That is all a nice way of saying that he possesses his own unique business attributes to manage legal issues which I personally find rare in most legal council. I would use David on a broad range of subjects knowing he will solve the problem one way or the other."

We are strategic business and legal advisors for clients in the media, entertainment and technology industries. We started this practice with one key premise to work with great people on creative projects and produce successful clients. We believe what makes us different in our profession and valuable to our clients, colleagues and friends is that we think as human beings and business professionals first. We have demonstrated that this way of thinking produces more effectiveness for our clients and ensures we can share the passion of what we create with them.
To be masterful and skilled in negotiations requires a continual refinement of observing and acting consistently with background thinking, cultures, politics, demographics, relationships and environment. A centered orientation enables one to propagate new spaces of thinking while deflecting counter-productive moves and adversarial posturing. We work in this philosophy with our clients to avoid expensive litigation, fulfill their obligations to stakeholders and exploit highly valuable revenue-producing opportunities for their growth.
Working in a converging media industry require experts with our tripartite offering to help clients avoid critical threats that can essentially put them out of business.

Essentially, we are strategically oriented business professionals, who study and learn from successful business leaders so we can be strategically focused towards growing our clients businesses. We are also impassioned by our clientsí work and innovation. This balance makes us an essential and trusted resource that distinguishes our offer from others.

We recognize that we serve the people behind the businesses we call the "client", and that their careers, livelihoods, families, mortgages, retirement and futures are in our care. As such, we take our responsibility very seriously.

Our ultimate purpose is to create success stories. Our client roster and their accomplishments are a testament to this claim. Therefore, it is through their success that we are able to measure our own.

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